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Christy Tucker

I'd look at LearnDash and LifterLMS.

Chris Lema has reviewed several Wordpress LMS plugins. All of these systems have had feature improvements since these reviews were written, but this gives you an idea of the focus and overall strengths of each one.


This is a more recent article comparing gamification in the Wordpress LMS plugins.


Brian Dusablon

Hi Tracy. What kind of analytics are you looking for, if any? We've set up some with just the Grassblade xAPI Companion plugin and Learning Locker as well. No LMS plugin required. Grassblade does work well with Learndash.

LifterLMS has a direct xAPI plugin as an addon as well.

Would love to know what you end up using so I can update my WordPress LMS/LRS xAPI reports.

Christy Tucker

Mohammed, how are you publishing your course? xAPI or for web?

If you're using xAPI, what LRS are you using with LearnDash?

If you're publishing for web, you can upload the files to your server via FTP and include them in LearnDash content pages via an iframe. That doesn't give you any tracking, but not everyone needs that.

Mohammed Shosha

Thanks Christy,

I use learnpress plugin NOT learndash, so I need to embed the storyline course in it but I can't, also I tested a plugin called Insert or embed articulate content into WordPress, it works well but as trail for only 3 courses, and still tie the grades, or quiz result to the LMS plugin.

appreciating your concern and help, and hope we find out a solution.


Thank you and all the heroes.  


Christy Tucker

My apologies; I misread your original message.

It doesn't appear that Learnpress is compatible with either xAPI or SCORM. Without using either of those standards, there's no easy way to track results to your LMS. You could look at adding Grassblade or the SCORMCloud plugin or something similar, but they aren't integrated with Learnpress.

I know this isn't the answer you want to hear, but you probably need to hire a developer to do some customization for you if you want to keep using Learnpress.

Alternatively, depending on how much content is already built in Learnpress, it might be cheaper to switch to LearnDash or LifterLMS than to hire a developer to customize what you have.