Best way to interact with superscript in-text citations?

Aug 01, 2017

Hi, all - 

I am looking at my options for inserting in-text citations as superscript numbers in Storyline 360. I don't want the full citations to show on the slide but want the learner to be able to interact with them as they wish (see the full source, click the link to the cited article). I've considered using a hotspot over the superscript but wonder if there is a better/easier/more creative way. I'll have 30+ citations.

Looking forward to your ideas! Thanks.

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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Ellen,

A really fast way to do this would be using markers. You could add a small amount of text for the article's title, year, and authors, and a link to go to the full article. If you don't like the look of a marker and want to do a more traditional text number, you could do a transparent fill and border for the marker and just place it over the number.


Ellen Price

Thanks, Allison! I considered using markers but didn't like the look, so I think I'll give your suggestion of transparent fill and border placed over the number a try! 

Edited to add: When I tried this, I can't seem to get the icon itself to be transparent; there is not a "no fill" option for icon color. Am I missing something simple? 


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