Best way to prevent slide advance until all content viewed

Oct 25, 2018

Hello Wonderful Heroes!

I am building a course and the SMEs think it's important for the slide to not advance until all the content is read.  Do you think it would be best to use layers and somehow change the state of the next button?  Is there a better or easier way?  I have read several articles/responses to questions about it but it seems super confusing.  Any advice would be super helpful!


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Michael Hinze

See slide 1.1 in the attached. I changed a few things. On the layers you had duplicates of the baselayer items (I guess you copied or duplicated the baselayer). On the baselayer, I added a Visited state to each of the ovals. When all ovals have been clicked, the Next button is enabled. You can apply the same concept to the objects on slide 1.2.



Jeffrey Riley

The one idea I like to use is go ahead and put the content on layers. Use buttons to access those layers. 

Create a Next button that is hidden. Then set a trigger to change the state of Next button to normal when the state of all (click the other buttons) are visited state. 

If you are using the built in Next buttons, you need a trigger that shows Change state of Next button to hidden when timeline starts.

Then, change the state of Next button to normal when state of all other buttons are visited.

You can use this ideas on the next project!

James Washok

Like Michael, that's how I restrict the Next button on those Modules that require it.

1) Change the State of the Next button to "Disabled" when the Timeline Starts.

2) Assign/create States for buttons/interactions on the slides, primarily, Normal and Visited.

3) Change State of Next Button to Normal when State of [ALL] are equal to Visited.

Scott Wiley

I would add that it would be a best practice to also create a "[this slide}_complete" variable for each "locked down" content slide.

Create a another trigger, that would be set from "false" to "true" once all content is completed/viewed.

Then modify that "Disabled" when the Timeline Starts trigger you created to check that variable and only disable Next if your variable is "false."

If your learner returns to the slide after completing it once, they won't be forced to click everything again.

Hope that helps.

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