Starting a course with a reflection piece

Dec 08, 2023

Hi everyone, a lot of our eLearning courses in Rise start with a checkbox list of reflective questions for the learner to read and select each tickbox as they think it through.

A basic example off the top of my head is:

Think about how you would feel if (tick each box as your read it):

    • Someone spoke to you rudely
    • Someone was too busy to talk to you when you were upset


It's not my favourite way to start a course and engage with a learner as it doesn't seem super engaging, but sometimes my SMEs are adamant about using it. I'm at a bit of a loss of how to improve this. 

Does anyone have an example they'd be happy to share with me of how they have a reflective piece/block in their content that is not just a checkbox/list?


Thanks in advance! 

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Tom Kuhlmann

I'd consider using a Storyline block where they can type in their reflection. Depending on the type of question, you could do something like this.

Course Title: How to Deal with Obnoxious Customers

Before we get started, think about a time you had to deal with a bad customer. If you could go back in time, what's one thing you'd tell your younger self? 

[add reflection in text box]

Next slide, display what they typed and show what an expert may say:

You said, ....

It's really important to...(expert thought) when dealing with customers. That's why in this course we're going to explore these three things.

Here's a simple mock up.