Better ways to show a client a course

Sep 20, 2019

I looked at a discussion about this but it was 5 years old. I am working in a secure environment (and no LMS) I need some ideas on how to share a rapid prototype that "works" with a client.  

Can someone offer advice on how to do this? This may be a dumb question - If I publish a couple of scenes for CD, can the client open as a "virtual" CD or does this have to be an actual CD. I've never published this way - I always publish for the Web but in this case, I am restricted. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Cheryl Kirk

Could you use the Review option? This works well for me because then I can collect review comments. The content stays with you, but you get the feedback. 

As Garth mentioned, zipping is so a good way, but if the file is too large, you'd want to put it on a shareable drive like Google drive with password protection. 

Are you not able to publish to the web in general or specifically? If specifically you could get a free AWS account and password protect. 

One way to get info to the client is to publish as a Word doc. This has worked for a few of my clients where they just wanted to 'review' the content and quizzes. They were able to see the slides, see the flow and see the notes and interactivity to some level. 

Liz Victoria

Your military client should provide you a secure way to transfer files -- a password-protected ftp directory on their internal server, for example.  

I would ask them how they want you to handle it, and have them put it in writing.  They have processes for this type of thing, and this is an area where it's best to be super cautious and let them instruct you, and follow those instructions (rather than try to do workarounds here).


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