Bonus Questions in Articulate Storyline 2

Hi all

Anyone got any ideas about having bonus questions in quizzes, for example bonus questions triggered by answering a certain number of consecutive questions correctly or triggered by taking a particular branch?

Also has anyone looked in to whether it is possible to deduct marks from getting questions wrong?

As always thanks for your help!!



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Helen Tyson

Hi Simon

For the bonus questions option you could try using the branching option found behind the "More" button in the Feedback area of Form View.

For the specific path options you'd need to use a single select answer question - such as multiple chance / word bank / hotspot - and set feedback to by answer. Yo could then branch from each individual answer choice.

For the consecutive correct answers you'd need to create additional variables to track it all. A number variable to count the number correct (adjusted by adding 1 on each correct feedback layer) and then a branch off the incorrect feedback layers if the count variable is less than your required number. You'd also reset the variable to 0 at this point to restart the count.

Deducting points is built in - the default score is 10 points per question but you can edit it on individual questions and the available points range is +/-1000

Hope that make sense for a Friday afternoon!