Booster trainings? Who's doing it? How?

Dec 09, 2016

Good morning Heroes,

My company wants to begin implementing booster trainings on some of our courses and webinars. We're not interested in a long drawn out task, something small, simple and bite sized so the learner can recall the information that they learned a few weeks or months prior.

We deliver training internally and externally and want the option for both.

We're struggling with how to do it. Should we create an articulate quiz or short lesson? We've thought about survey monkey. Maybe just an email that is thought provoking. We're stuck, any thoughts? Has anybody tried this or are currently doing this?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, thanks team.

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Rachel Barnum

Hey Adam - I think it would depend. What is the training on? Are you able to identify what people are not remembering after the training?

For example, if it were a software training and people keep forgetting a step, I would probably just send out a friendly reminder email. If people are having trouble finding a button constantly, or are inefficiently doing a task in the software (e.g. taking 3 steps to do something that really only takes 1), you could send out a "did you know" email with gifs/a small video.

Adam Nelson

Well, my organization puts on all kinds of trainings. Software, medical training, safety training, leadership, etc. My department covers the entire corporation so it's fairly broad.

One thing we were hoping to do (which I'm not sure we'll be able to) is have one/two styles or templates that we can use to toss out a booster. We're so busy developing courses and webinars that we're a little reluctant to add an extra day or two of development to a project. Maybe its time well spent but we're trying to brainstorm a standardized approach so we don't have to "create" a new booster training with every course we do.

I do really like the gif idea, small, simple and easy to develop. Thanks Rachel!

Michael Shannon

Hey Adam. There are several ways that are effective. While not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I would rank them in this order:
1. Text (SMS)
2. Email
3. Anything else 

I was at DevLearn 2016 and absorbed everything I could from Professor Art Kohn. He has some great resources and science-based advice regarding boosters (maybe you were there as well). You can find some of his articles regarding burst/boosters at the elearning guild.

Coincidently, I also attended Jamie Good's session on "The Future of Learning is Spelled SMS." He uses chatbots quite effectively in his training. Combining the science that Art espouses with chatbots is quite effective. 

There are a couple of "booster" SAS products as well. BoosterLearn is the one that Art originally developed (it's now owned by BizLibrary). Another is Mindmarker. There are probably others but those are the two that Art mentioned. 

This is one of the most promising pieces of brain science in a long while. It can revolutionize training if implemented properly. It addresses one of the biggest holes in training (and one that has haunted me since I designed my first course many years ago)--retention. And I've become an ambassador of sorts for the cause. Think of all of the ways this could make an impact in our public schools; how much could be retained from higher institutes of learning (you're certainly paying a high enough price for it); and the impact it could have on corporate america. 

Probably more than you asked for but as you can gather from my response, I'm quite fired up about this subject. 

Adam Nelson

Michael, I'm soaking up what you're spilling. Retention is the biggest hurdle we as learning professionals face. Hence, why we want to start implementing booster trainings.

To answer your question, yes I did attend DevLearn 2016, but I did not go to Art Kohn's session, I'm bummed I didn't notice it.

I'm going to take a look at your mentioned programs to see what they're all about.  Thanks for the input!

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