What would you do? (Image/copyright question)

I have an ethical/legal question I'd love to get some thoughts on. We've found a website full of images that would be perfect for use in a course we're building. We're interested in finding out how much they would cost to purchase, only the website is in Chinese. We can't read a word of it. We've Googled everything we can (given our limitations) and come up with nothing. There are no copyrights on the images themselves or on the webpage that we can see. Surely the images belong to someone...how do we find out who? Would you use the images anyway? The type of images are fairly specific and not available on stock photo sites. Would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions. Thanks.

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Steve Flowers

Hey Laura,

Where copyright is concerned I always err on the side of caution. Assuming copyright even when none is stated is a good rule of thumb. Some folks will be glad to grant some limited use of an image if permission is asked. I'd consider finding someone that knows the language. Unfortunately, can't help you in that area I only have access to English and Russian expertise.

What types of images are you seeking. I might be able to help in locating some resources. I've logged many hours scouring the planet for pixels.