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Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

Hi, John.  I handle the training development for Corepoint Health's Corepoint Integration Engine -- which facilitates the electronic message transfer between healthcare apps -- HIS, RIS, LIS, etc, and yes, EMRs.  Is your focus on motivating them to change (ARRA, Meaningful Use) or on how to actually implement a new EMR once they decide to forge ahead?

You say you're a newbie -- just with Articulate or with online training in general?

I'll just say this... 7 hours of instructor-led content doesn't necessarily translate to 7 hours of online, self-paced training.  By putting the control of all the training resources in the hands of the learner, some will fly through the objectives and some will go much slower.

John Vitiello

Hi Heather - thanks for your reply. The 7-part ppt that i've been tasked with "converting" to e-learning includes background info about ARRA, the incentive payments, schedules, MU, AND how to convert from paper to EHR (pre-work, assessment, planning, selection, implementation, and post-live).

I've been working with Articulate and online training for about 8mos. So i know just enough to know how little i know!

Chris Fletcher

It's difficult without seeing the content to suggest things, All I'd say is let your creativity run wild!

If you begin by breaking it into modules, then look at how you can make each bit more engaging, it may seem a bit more manageable. 7hrs of training to deliver is a lot more than 7hrs of training to create after all and that can seem quite daunting!

A good way to get some ideas is to subscribe to the blogs on here - there's always new ideas flying around that will help to give you inspiration!!


Kevin Dowd

Hi John,

I’m a bit of a newbie myself so I can give suggestions on how to get started! 

I would definitely do modules (as Chris suggested).  Then, within the modules,  I’d break it up further into sections. 

  • For example, you could use a SmartArt process graphic to outline each section.  Then give each section its own color (change the background color of the slides within that section as well to keep the learner straight). 
  • Repeat the table of contents before each new section, and do something to make that section label stand out on your table of contents. 
  • Even if you abandon this format later, it will help you in the development because it will help you to segment everything in your mind and on paper. 
  • Be sure to use master slides so that you aren’t continually reinventing the wheel, and so that you can change everything easily if necessary.

Use engage and quizmaker as much as possible (again with master slides) and then just keep going back to every slide, trying to make it interactive, and trying to make it stand out while still having a visual link to the other slides.

Once you set your design and your pieces, just breathe, take it one slide at a time, and enjoy the ride.

Hope this helps,


Louise Ward

Just a 'learned from experience' warning here because I've found myself also in a situation where I've been given a lot of content.  I've been asked to create an Induction course which has 12 modules ranging from between 1500 and 3000 words per module.

My client wanted them to display as 'modules' within the contents bar on the left, therefore having all modules within one course. Before you begin, be aware that I am only on module 3 and PowerPoint is already beginning to die on me because the course file is far to large - and Publishing the course takes about 30 minutes!!!

In short, when breaking a project into separate modules, make sure the modules are separate 'course/project' files - don't try and put that much content into one course!

Bill Harnage

In short, when breaking a project into separate modules, make sure the modules are separate 'course/project' files - don't try and put that much content into one course!

Excellent point.  Just because there is a lot of content and elearning is self-paced doesn't mean it needs to be all one course.

Use the tools you have. If you have the Articulate suite try to identify how Engage and Quizmaker could be utilized.

One thing I tell all new developers, especially a project with this much content, when you're stuck or starting to get frustrated... step a way and go for a walk or take a break from the content.