Endless list of codes...help!

Aug 25, 2015


I am building a compliance course about an endless list of financial codes and what each code is used for. Has anyone built a course similar to this? Any ideas on how I can make this boring content interactive and fun?


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Patti Bryant

Hi Alyssa!

I generally think of courses in terms of 'What do I want the learner to remember when they complete the course?' In this case, they will not remember the codes. So, instead, I'd create a Job Aid that lists the codes and their uses. Then, I'd use the course to teach them to use the Job Aid. 

I did something similar with a corporate purchase card training. Basically, each purchase needed to be a coded to a particular category. There's no way people would remember the categories. So, I created a Job Aid with them. Then, I created scenarios like 'You're going on a company trip to X because of Y. First, you need to book your airline ticket...' Then, I'd have them actually perform each task and at the end, they received their financial statement. Then, they'd have to use the Job Aid to classify items correctly. 

So, in your example, I don't know exactly what the scenario looks like, but I'd show them what they'll see in real life and have them work through it.

I hope this helps!

Keepin' the joy,

Melanie Sobie

The best classroom trainer I ever had many years ago would say - I don't expect you to remember all of this. But I DO expect you to remember where to find the applicable information and know how to use it.

In eLearning, like Patti explains, you can create an activity and then have them use the job aid to complete the activity.  In fact, in some courses I have included that as a learning objective: Find the XYZ job aid on the company's intranet homepage, and use the job aid to complete the exercises.

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