Boring Topic, Ideas Sought

Dec 28, 2011

Hi All,

I hope the community at large is having a lovely Christmas break. For those of you reading the forum I am seeking some inspiration.

I have to put together a program for security guards based on their policies (30 ish policies). Each policy is about half an A4 page to a page and relates to general work activities. The purpose is to provide a forum where staff can read the information, potentially have a series of questions, and have their progress tracked. The end product will be housed within a LMS.

Fancy animation, videos etc are not required. I am looking for a way to present this information that is not just read and click on a powerpoint slide but nothing too artisitc or animated. What is throwing me is the amount of polices; it is too many for a standard tabs approach.

Any ideas are gratefully accepted.


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Travis Wickesberg


IMHO 30 - half pages of information is a lot to cover in one module. Have you thought about breaking it down or categorizing it?

Since it's geared towards security officers, I might recommend using some sort of "security" theme. You can stear clear of fancy animation/video and just apply some solid graphics with a nice background. Maybe have them perform a scavenger hunt or investigation of a missing "policy" book. Along the way they can find pages or clues....



Jeanette Brooks

Hi Danny! What do your learners need to do with the content in the program once they're finished with it? i.e., Do they need to be able to respond to specific types of security situations? Or is the program you're building more like a job aid or reference tool that they will use on an as-needed basis, to look stuff up?

If it's the former, one idea would be to build the whole thing in Quizmaker. You could create a very short scenario-type question for each of your policies. Each question could focus on the action you want your learner to take in a specific on-the-job situation. A multiple choice question with answer-level feedback would work great for this. Or you could go with the RSI approach that David describes here. In your question feedback, you could explain why their answer was right or wrong, and then provide the full text of the policy (maybe link to a separate document if it's a lot of text to include on a single slide).

If instead you want to just create a job-aid style of reference, an FAQ interaction in Articulate Engage might work nicely. Or if the policies organize nicely into sub-groups, you could perhaps use the Timeline interaction. Each "period" on the timeline could represent a group of policies, with the "events" representing a specific policy.

Danny Simms

Hi Travis and Jeanette,

Thanks for the feedback and ideas. It really is a job aid/reference tool so I think i will try with Engage and the FAQs. Each policy is seperate so there are no natural groupings unfortunately. I do like the idea of a scavenger hunt, hmm. Thanks again.

Kind regards