Building 3D senarios for eLearning - 'Confrontation scenario'

Jan 14, 2015

I was investigating some tools for generating 3D scenarios for use in SL.  So just thought I'd show how easy it is to use animated 3D characters (iClone6) to potentially build assets for online learning.   If you’re not going to learn 3DS MAX, Maya or C4D - this demo might help - it shows how to set up a simple 'confrontation scenario' between two 3D characters and only takes about a minute.

There are hundreds of premade motions/actions and a lot of characters, props, scenes and different clothes, including nurse outfits, police, defence, managers and other occupations.

I have removed the grid and keyed out the background and imported into SL as an interactive video file and using techniques learnt from Daniel Brigham and others forums greats - works ok - hope it helps. - G

3D characters

 See attached  MP4 how to build a simple 'confrontation scenario'



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Garry Hargreaves

Hi Michael, good to talk to you again. IC6 allows you to record voice directly using via a mic, use TTS (text to speech) or just use a pre-recorded wav/mp3 audio file or use script files -  characters will lip-synch.  You can also use facial puppetring to fine-tune keyframe phoneme's.  see attached for a sample of male & female lip-synched audio.

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