Building a website with Articulate

Hi everyone

I'm new around here I've been developing learning programmes with Articulate for a while now, but I only got around to starting my online business (Branched-Ink) recently. 

I'm having some difficulties with my website at the moment and I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me with this - I'm not sure if I should ask the question to you guys or to the web hosting company. Whatever, here goes :)

I'd really like to build my entire website using articulate - that way the website itself would serve as a demo for potential clients. In addition to this, I have already registered an account with Google Adsense, and I've got 3 affilliate marketing banners that I would like to put on the website for some passive income. I've also been trying to figure out how the wordpress page for the website works (adjusting the themes, headers and layouts, etc). My questions are the following:

1. After I have developed the site in Artculate and published it to web, how do I get that data on the website? In other words, where do I go on the wordpress pages of the site to upload the content? 

2. How do I keep the widgets for the affilliate marketers to display as well?

Is it even possible to do this at all? Sorry if this is a silly question, but as you can see, I'm still really new at this. :) I'll appreciate any help. 


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