Building E-Learing for Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical Audiences

Apr 02, 2013

We work entirely in the area of healthcare and drug development so have some very interesting e-learning work on diseases, treatments, patient and physician experience etc..

Much of this is highly innovative, and we woudl like to share some of this experience in a controlled enironment, with those who are turely interested in "raising the bar".

Is anyone interested in creating a group to  share expereince an approaches?

If so, let's talk!


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Heather Beaudoin

Hi... I develop training (classroom and eLearning) for our healthcare IT customers.  We offering an integration engine that allows hospitals, clinics, physicians, labs, etc. to send electronic healthcare messages/records/etc to each other.  We train the IT folks at our customer sites on how to develop the interfaces.  We also develop industry training to help them understand HL7, CDA, Meaningful Use, HIEs, Direct Project, etc.

Would love to join the chat.


Michael Heckman

Would love to join as well. There seems to be quite a difference between the interests of those who work in corporate pharma/devices, clinical environments, academic medicine, and regulatory compliance. A model for a good starting point may be the Freelance Heroes forum/thread here on E-Learning Heroes. Maybe a "Healthcare Heroes" area where we can exchange ideas, raise issues, and give feedback.

Dr. Nadia Siddiqui

Hi guys, This sounds like a very interesting forum for me as well. I deal with eLearning course content and designing for pharmaceutical, medical, regulatory and compliance training and just finished a project for the NHS and certainly would love to learn a bit more about innovative ways of ensuring elearning creates it mark in the healthcare and pharma sector.

Can I ask you to please let me know the details!

Thanks all


Laura M

I realize it's been quite awhile since this was started, but I'd love to join if a group was created. I recently started working as a training coordinator for a federally regulated medical device company.  So, not only am I new to the industry, but my position is new here and I'm new to Articulate (I'm using Studio for now).  These forums have been such a great help already and I would love to connect with some other people working in regulated industries for idea sharing.  A lot of our training is required and I'm looking to create some new in-house e-learning versions of some outdated PowerPoint trainings. We also purchase a couple of canned e-learnings that I'd like to eventually create here, so they can be customized to our site. So, with all of these new projects looming, I'd like to get some ideas for taking these typically dry topics and creating interesting and effective training courses, that are consistent (NOT slapped on a company-branded PowerPoint master slide.) I love the cGMP training that was shared above!

Joseph Francis

Count me interested if it's not too late. I just started with the Level 1 Trauma Center in SE Wisconsin 3 months ago, and have already developed several small and mid-sized courses. I previously developed all sizes of courses using Macromedia Authorware for a Fortune 500 Property & Casualty Insurer in Madison, WI for 13 years, and was a Macromedia/Adobe/Apple Value-Added Reseller for 2 years before that.

Joseph Francis

Shawn Stiles said:

I work in the Pharmaceutical industry and it is a real challenge trying to develop training on boring processes and procedures.

You want boring? Try Property and Casualty Insurance! At least (so far) in the hospital I'm working for, the eLearning I've been developing is for actual, physical devices and procedures for RNs and physicians. With P&C Insurance, just about all of it was conceptual (what is "insurance," after all: it's a promise. There is no "thing" you can hold up in a class and train about).

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