[E-learning in Healthcare] Monthly Discussion May 2012

Jun 01, 2012

Welcome to the monthly E-Learning in Healthcare discussion!

Congratulations to the Articulate team on the launch of Storyline! The websites, forums, tweets and blogs have been bustling with activity!

THIS MONTH'S QUESTION: Have you and/or organization started using or testing Storyline?  If so are you using the feature to publish to multiple formats?

If you have any Healthcare related courses you are able to share with the community that would be great!

Have any ideas for future monthly discussion topics? Please send a private message to us (Doug Mattson & Nita Venter). Thank you for those who have sent through ideas, we will definitely share these with the community in the coming months.

Take Care -



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Nita  Venter

Awesome Phil, many thanks. Likewise, we are in the throes of completing a module on Mental Health and Mental illness in Older Adults at the end of June that I will publish and post the link to the community.

Do you use a LMS and do you have any best practices or are you publishing the separate links for the learners to select from?

Take care


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