Building quizzes

Hi everyone,

Was wondering if anyone may be able offer some advice or provide any examples of engaging quizzes. I have used articulate storyline before but only playing with templates. I am so impressed by how creative you can be, I've been looking at old challenges of content that people have put together and it's amazing.

We are currently looking to redesign quizzes at my company so I want to ensure everything is done properly and all factors are taken into consideration. As a reault been researching the ADDIE model. The content I am working with, there is nothing wrong with the content itself, I just want to make it more engaging to the participants. Which may involve re-writing some questions with SME so they can be presented better. I also want to make the most out of the grading and provide as much detail back to the client. Currently all quizzes are using the Moodle quiz activity and none are SCORM content. The company I work for is a financial training company so it's quite hard to think of ways to make the content more engaging. I want to provide the SME with ideas on how we can present the content. I am not an expert in finance so knowing how to re-design the content is quite challenging. Any suggestions of examples you could provide me with or any suggestions of anything I should consider I would highly appreciate.


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