Business Case for Articulate 360 Help

Feb 17, 2022

Hi all, I work for a company using company-built eLearning tools. The tools only create Level 1 interactivity page-turners. I am preparing a Business Case for Articulate 360. To prove my case, I need very specific examples of Articulate interactions per each of the other, higher, levels on interactivity capabilities. Attached is a graphic of the four levels of interactivity we are using. I need Articulate examples of interaction capabilities mapped to each level of interactivity.

 Thanks in advance for your help!

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Bianca Woods

Hey Rick! You're in luck as we've got an article on this exact topic that includes examples: Get to Know The 4 Levels of E-Learning

If you want to include some additional interactions beyond those, the E-Learning Examples page has a wealth of options and some of the more complex Storyline templates in the Downloads section could also be helpful.