Button branching not working

Mar 21, 2017

Hello dear community

I have this scene with a simple branching using buttons. It works great on the first slide: if you click DECROCHER you resume the timeline, if you click NE PAS DECROCHER you jump to the next slide. 

But on slide 2 I have the exact same setting and it freezes when I click the first button. It is working when I preview the slide but not the scene or the published file.

I compared the 2 slides and they are the same exactly.

If someone has better eyes than mine to tell me what is missing or wrong I would greatly appreciate; thank you!

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Richard Watson


Perhaps we need another set of eyes. :)  I don't speak this language (French?).

Slide 1:

  • DECROCHER: Trigger is configured to Resume timeline on This Slide
  • NE PAS DECROCHER: Trigger is configured to jump to next slide

Slide 2:

The timeline pauses and shows these two buttons:

  • CONTINUER LA CONVERSATION: This trigger is configured to jump to next slide (NOT resume timeline on This Slide) <<<If this is supposed to be set to Resume timeline?
  • DEMANDER SES JUSTIFICATIFS: This trigger is configured to resume timeline on This Slide

On Slide 2, during preview, these two buttons perform the actions configured on their applicable triggers. They also perform the same action after publishing.

Hope this makes sense. If not, perhaps another set of eyes will help solve this mystery.


Helene Caura

Yes this is French. It doesn't matter if you don't speak French or what the buttons do. All that matters is that it doesn't do anyhthing ons lide 2, it freezes. Whether it is resuming or jumping to the next slide, it doesn't do it like it does on slide 1. I am surprised you can see this. I previewed and published like 10 times and it wasn't working... Will try AGAIN. Thank you for testing this!

Richard Watson

No problem Helene. Hopefully, someone else will see this post and give it a try on their end to see what they come up with.  Here is a little more background on what I did.

When I published, I published to Web option, not to SCORM package but I don't think that should make a difference. I also don't have some of the fonts you used so SL just replaced them with an equivalent font. Perhaps a font might be corrupted on your end? I was viewing the published product via Firefox.

Hope this helps you narrow it down a little more.


Helene Caura

oooh the fonts are not a problem, but the SCORM, yes, could be. I published to SCORM 1.2.

I just tested it again and when I preview and click the "CONTINUER LA CONVERSATION" button, it freezes just like this (I don't know if you can see the wheel instead of the mouse cursor):

Nothing happens, it just stays there forever and I have to exit the file. How can it work on your side in preview mode?? I am puzzled.

Richard Watson

There doesn't seem to be a problem with the SCORM package.

I did a quick upload to Articulate's Tempshare by publishing your Storyline file as a SCORM 1.2 package. It plays without a problem on my end. 

I watched slide 1, clicked the button Ouvrir a medhi, the timeline continued as expected. Next, I clicked the DECROCHER button and the timeline continued and went on to Slide 2.

On Slide 2, I clicked the Demander Ses Justificatifs button and the slide continued without any problems and sent me to Slide 3....and so on.

A mystery for sure. :)



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