Button Glow

Feb 05, 2021

Hi there folks!

I've asked on here before about how to make a button appear to be glowing.  I thought I had this right.  I compared it to one I had that worked perfectly fine but can't seem to find out what's wrong.

The button glows just fine until the "timeline" ends it would seem.  The Button on the main slide seems to no longer appear while the Glow layer keeps glowing (you can see what i mean in the story here)

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Chris Foster

Hi Jay,

Take a look at the attached. 

Instead of having the second button on the base layer, I have put it behind the button on the "Glow" layer. Both buttons have red shadows, only the second has fade animations.

Also, I have swapped out the hide/show layer triggers for a "jump to" trigger in order to restart the animation.


Hope this helps