How would you animate a glow in and out?

Jan 23, 2014

I have to create an effect where an object is glowing with a custom glow in and out on the screen.  I know how to create the custom glow, but I need some help on how to create the animation of it.  Thank you!

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Kim Heintz

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks, it's good to be here. 

This is terrific, and it was exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you!

To this same effect--what if I have an object that I want to make look like it is pulsing?  I tried a few things along the same line and couldn't get it to do what I wanted.  Any suggestions?

Thank you,


amanda green

Hi Rebecca,

I know this an old post, but I'm hoping you are still on and will see this. I tried the link you posted with the steps, but it doesn't bring me to the steps. Do you know the steps I can take to make an object "glow"? I want to bring attention to objects to make people click on them. I hate adding so many directions for things. I prefer to lead them without having to add directions. 

Thanks for your help!

Russell Still

I did something like this recently. I drew a rough outline of the object I wanted to "glow", then set it white with wide "soft edges". That created the background glow I wanted. I put it in a layer with the object in front of it. The glowing background did a fade in and fade out in the layer. 

Then I had another layer that just showed the object without the glowing background.

Finally, I set up a loop where one layer called the other which closed itself at the end and called the calling layer. 

Works perfectly. Glow fades in and out in a pulsing manner forever.

Katie Riggio

Hello, Kayleigh. Thanks for adding your voice!

I'm going to share your thoughts about a built-in pulse animation with the team as a Feature Request on your behalf, so you should get an email confirmation about it shortly!

In the meantime, a few approaches to creating a pulsing effect:

  • Duplicate the object or text box and make it appear and disappear multiple times.
  • Pulse Effects. This discussion offers a handful of crafty tips and examples from community members, like you! 😀

Could any of these work for what you are looking to do?

Kayleigh Saum

Thanks! I suspect they could work, but I've already turned the project in to stakeholders at this point. I would have added a pulsing glow if it were a quick process or built-in, but did not have much time to devote to getting it to work properly before submitting the project. Thank you for doing that!

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