Disabling / Overiding quizz presets in Storyline

Jul 13, 2017


When I create a new questions, I tipycally add shapes such as rectangle. Then, from the "Form view"  I select the rectangles that I want to be selectable answers.

Storyline, automatically adds a "selected state" that uses blue glow picture effect.

Storyline adds a blue glow effect on the selected state of selectable objects in a quizz

The shapes I'm using already have a selected state and I don't want to use the blue glow effect. 

Is there a way to prevent storyline from adding this blue glow picture effect ? Having to manually change the shapes is tedious and a waste of time for me.

Any other user having the same issue ? How do you do when you create multiple questions and want a consistent use of states without having to manually get rid of the blue glow effect 

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Ron Price


The adding of the selected state is designed to "Help" you in building those question slides, but I see your point.

I typically - let Storyline add the "Selected State", then I edit one of those object's states to my liking. (Remove the blue glow, etc.)  After that, I use "Format Painter" to quickly paint all of the other states.  Turns out to be pretty quick and painless.

Hope that helps.


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