Bypassing Results Slide

I've created a fairly complex situation and I'm probably making this harder than it needs to be. I have a scene with multiple questions. I want the learner to be able to see the correct answer after EACH question. I inserted a Results slide and a See Correct Answer button on the Incorrect feedback layer. I do not want the learners to go to the Results slide and then back to the question. I just want them to be able to see the correct answer and move on. So, I added a trigger to jump back to the question slide when the timeline on the Results slide begins. 

Everything was working great until I returned to the question slide to see the correct answers. The correct answer is shown as well as the answer selected. BUT, now there's a PREV and NEXT button. When I select the NEXT button, it takes me back to the Results slide, which then directs me to the question slide, essentially sending me round and round in a loop. Is there any way to edit the PREV/NEXT buttons or any way to edit the way the results display?

Or, if anyone knows how to more easily achieve this immediate "see answer" function please share!

I've attached an excerpt of my project file so you can see what's happening. 

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