Call for Study Participation: Do you design scenario-based instruction?


A study is being conducted to harness the expertise of those designing scenario-based instruction in the workplace, across different industries and professions. If this describes you, please keep reading! If it describes someone you know, please forward this email to them!

Scenario-based instruction guides learners to reflect on and participate in authentic situations or scenarios. Training is crafted so that learners will consider how content applies to them in their real experiences (Clark, 2013). The study is focused on the process of designing this type of instruction, so if you are doing this, please consider participating!

If you have designed at least 10 pieces of this type of instruction in the past 3 years, or if you have published research or content specific to scenario-based instruction in the past three years, please click below to learn more.

Follow this link to the Survey:

Take the survey now; the window to join the study is only open until Monday, November 16 at noon PDT. There will be three survey over the course of three weeks; for today, it is expected to take 20-35 minutes to complete.

If you have questions about the study or if you are interested in participating, and would like a follow up email from the researcher later this week, please email

Thank your for your time and interest. Your perspectives and ideas are so important to this research!

Kind Regards,
Hedy Lim

Clark, R. C. (2013). Scenario-Based e-Learning Evidence-Based Guidelines for Online Workforce Learning. San Francisco: Pfeiffer.

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