Camera and Video Editing Software recommendations?

Hi All,

I'm pretty new to e-learning and am about to embark on an Articulate Storyline journey and have been tasked by my company to purcase a camera to take videos - mainly of role plays and interviews - to incorporate into trainings. I've heard camcorders may not the way to go and to look at DSLR but was wondering if anyone had any advice to help the decision making? We have a budget of approx $750 (although I am sure they would be happy to spend less).

Also - we are tossing up between iMovie on mac or Adobe Premier Pro on PC - has anyone used both and found one better/easier to use than the other?

Many thanks!

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Nicole Legault

Hey Leanne!

Awesome question! Thanks for bringing it up here in the community - how exciting to embark on a Storyline journey! Woohoo!

The topic of recording video comes up in the community now and again, so I thought I'd share a few links to helpful past discussions, and also hoping that some people will jump into this convo with more comments and opinions! 

Hopefully this helps a bit :) Best of luck with your exciting new journey!

David Price

My company has just started on their video journey and still learning, but the articles above will really help.

We have initially invested in a semi-pro video camera (but slightly out of your budget, Canon XA20), however my recommendation would have been to go with a DSLR as I believe it offers a lot more flexibility in how it can be used, style of video, etc.  We are currently looking at buying a 2nd camera which will be a Canon 5D, if I remember correctly.

In terms of video editing we mainly use Camtasia, however personally I prefer to use Adobe After Effects due to the flexibility it gives you, but does have a very steep learning curve.  I have also used Final Cut Pro and iMovie on the Mac.  Haven't yet touched Premier Pro so cant comment on how it compares.