Camera suggestions for mp4 video

Feb 10, 2022

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a camera that can produce mp4 and import these into Articulate 360 Storyline, or Rise 360?


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Richard Mulcahy

Your mobile phone with good lighting and a tripod can produce great videos. A lot depends on what you are planning to shoot. Even more important is you are going to need to edit the raw video using something like Adobe Premier or Camtasia. I never would shoot a video clip and then just drop it in Storyline without editing.

Thaddeus Ashcliffe

As mentioned most modern smart phones have the ability to take good video.

Their lenses are prefect for capturing close subjects in a wide field.

Plan your shot in advance.   Know what it is going to look like.

Do multiple takes. 

Record in short chunks.  You can always combine them when it comes time to edit.

Do multiple takes.

Make sure that the area is brightly lit.  More light than you think you need is about right. 

You want  stable video and that means fixing it to a tripod.  Mount the phone sideways (landscape) on a tripod. 

The Zoom is a lie.  Don't use digital zoom.  Get closer.  You don't have the ability to adjust the lens position with a phone.

And remember.  Always, always shoot with in landscape mode.