Can't find webinar archive

Would someone be so kind and send me a link to the webinar archive? I can't access it using the link in my webinar's resources. I also tried searching under the Learn, Discuss and Downloads tabs across the top of my page to no avail. Finally, the search glass didn't give me much either. 

Where can I find the archive? 


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Heather Vogt


Thanks for the response, but I'm not looking for those. Those are amazing and wonderful, but I'm looking for this (screenshots from Gamification #2 webinar): 

I keep getting blocked when I try to access the link (I'm at work), and I can't find anything similar to the second screenshot. I'd like to find the demo links, downloads, etc. I'm specifically looking for whatever that second screenshot is.

Is this on lock down or something? I'm paying for the entire suite of tools, so I don't think it's an accessibility issue.