Career in E-Learning in montréal

Nov 24, 2020

Hello everybody!

I have been a facilitator for many years, and Learning delivery manager and program designer for few years too. I have taken the last year in sabatical, and considering coming back in training. I have always been interested in multi media and interaction in e-learning... 

I would like to discuss with someone in the field to help me in my reflection on the steps to position as a freelance designer in e-learning. Anyone whould could help me please?? :-) 

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Jacques! You mentioned you’re interested in possibly becoming a freelancer. I just wanted to point to these awesome articles on how to succeed as a freelancer. I hope you find some useful tips in there. 

No-Fail Strategies to Succeed as an E-Learning Freelancer (Part 1/2)

No-Fail Strategies to Succeed as an E-Learning Freelancer (Part 2/2) 

Best of everything to you on your freelancing journey, Jacques! 

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