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Aug 06, 2012

I was looking at "Community Showcase" and notice a lot of people using cartoon set atmosphers. I really like the whole idea of creating training courses with that Cartoon feel to them.  Where can i get settings, character in different stances, so i can implement them into my courses.  when i look for characters online i only find characters in one stance and i woud like to have characters with different stances so i can have them move around during the course. Any website that you recommend?

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Kristin Savko

That site looks great. Can't wait to see what else they add as they build their library. Not real good for a diverse character set though (a hot topic in our office)... 

I've had some luck downloading vector characters from Thinkstock and then editing them in Illustrator, although that method has a lot of failures.

Kristin Savko

@Mashrur - Mostly diversity in skin color (especially black and Hispanic), although some diversity in age too (teens, 20s, 30s).  Also some diversity in body type is important (we deal with some younger audiences so that is important). 

@Morten- Thanks for the link! I'm pretty sure I have read that thread before, but it had totally slipped my mind!! Time to do some digging

mashrur nabi


Thank you for the detailed feedback.

Diversity of characters is important for us too and we will take a look at this in the coming months. We will add a few darker skinned colors in the future.

If you have photoshop a lot of the changes to skin color, clothes, hair etc can be done. We will throw up a few tutorials to show you how.

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