Cat Theme Suggestions on how to build a more efficient quizzing


I did some work in a Ppt workshop using cat/s and the color black and white as the main theme. I  appreciate some comments on how I can make my quizzing template better.

I'll be great if you can also share your own templates made using ppt or Storyline if you think you can build better course using cats at the theme.

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Ashley Chiasson

Enna - Everyone here probably realizes I'm a cat lover by now, so I really enjoyed the theme :P; however, I think my only real comment is to ensure you review your formatting. For example, some of your your text would overlap buttons near the bottom of the screen or would extend past the shape you created. There was also a cat on a red background (cat was sideways) as a header that could be reformatted as the kitty was creeping over the edge a bit.

Not really a course, but a sample interaction I developed in storyline using cats as a theme:

Bruce Graham

Of course......

In order to create a Theme like this, using highly prized Instructional Design techniques honed over a series of years, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to fill text boxes with "Cat Ipsum" from

Missing until dinner time behind the couch. Find something else more interesting hate dog or give attitude but stretch. Inspect anything brought into the house cat snacks hunt anything that moves burrow under covers throwup on your pillow stick butt in face. Destroy couch leave hair everywhere behind the couch sun bathe leave dead animals as gifts. Leave hair everywhere hide when guests come over sun bathe sun bathe intently sniff hand. Why must they do that use lap as chair mark territory intrigued by the shower chew foot yet chase imaginary bugs. Make muffins attack feet. Hate dog give attitude stretch attack feet lick butt chew foot need to chase tail. Under the bed hopped up on goofballs so leave dead animals as gifts yet make muffins. Claw drapes intently stare at the same spot but hide when guests come over. Lick butt flop over.

Inspect anything brought into the house. Flop over intently sniff hand and all of a sudden go crazy. Burrow under covers intently stare at the same spot yet hunt anything that moves. Leave hair everywhere stand in front of the computer screen, yet sun bathe. Sweet beast all of a sudden go crazy chew iPad power cord attack feet and chew iPad power cord chase imaginary bugs for intently sniff hand.

Enna Ayub

Hi Ashley and Bruce,

Thanks for replying to my post.

Ashley, Yes, I will remember that bit about formatting in the ppt slides. I love the whimsical course you created on cats. Haha! Such hard labor . . .  (although my cats gave themselves a bath by playing under the rain, but that's how it is in the Tropics,. . .)

Bruce, love that video, did you use Videoscribe to create that? First time I've seen catipsum too. Awesome!