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Melanie Sobie

I copied these off something I saw before and always thought they were super-creative:

"Ignorance is Bliss: Weaving Your Way Around a Chatty Job Applicant"

"Mr. Fingerpointer Goes to Management: Investigating and Processing Harassment Complaints"

"Where's Walter? Understanding and Addressing Employee Leave Requests"

"Not So Great Expectations: Navigating the Dreaded Termination Process"

Shyam (Sam) Cholayil

Hi Pierre,

Since you are planning on building a collection of modules, there is a good potential for creating a series. What I mean by this is that you create a 'brand name'. This is very much like the 'Chicken Soup' series of books by Jack Canfield and others. Chicken soup is the identifier for the series and there are various titles like 'Chicken soup for the soul', 'Chicken soup for the teenage soul', 'Chicken soup for the preteen soul', etc. 

Having been a branding and marketing guy myself, I would have created a series such that people identify it better and associate it with something. That something in your case should be the time (since you are planning 15 or 30-min modules). This is also similar to the '1-minute manager' series of books. So, it may be good to have something like:

15-minutes of wisdom: Mentoring in the workplace

15-minutes of wisdom: Performance enhancement tips, etc. 


The 30-minute Trance: Mentoring in the workplace (here, you are sending the audience into a trance for 30 minutes out of which they emerge having gained great insights on the topic - mentoring in this case)

Hope this helps.