Characters - Articulate Storyline 3

Hi, everyone.  I am developing learning that will be used in onboarding every new hire at my employer.  We are a global company with several 100,000 employees.  I want to make sure that my character for this eLearning is race-neutral and preferably gender non-specific.  I need a superhero type character. 

Can  you all recommend a good place where I can find a character pack that meets the above-criteria?  I have been looking for a few days now, and cannot find anything.

Thank you!

Rebekah Everest

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Gerry Wasiluk

Elearning Brothers has some possibilities in their Stock Asset Library.

Unfortunately, this is a subscription service.  Also, the backgrounds are not transparent so you'd have to cut out the characters from their backgrounds.

They also have regular cut-out characters but none of them look superhero-y.

I've looked at a few free image sites and so far the options seem pretty limited.

One other option is to use something like the regular Storyline characters and just put a cape on them to suggest a superhero.  Depending on the course and need might be pretty effective--and even "cute" in a good way.

If you'd want to go the animated cartoon-like explainer video route, Vyond has some superhero characters.

Again, this is a subscription service and is pretty pricey if you need to import your own needed fonts.

Jen Edgerton

Hi Rebekah, have you considered animal characters? These are samples from Animaker (for an idea). They're race-neutral. They aren't superheroes, but aren't all superheroes mild-mannered in their non-superhero state? ;) 

As a side note, Animaker announced a new platform today and it looks like there may be more options for characters coming. They will be offering the ability to create your own characters. 

Good luck!