Chicago IDs - Interest in leading an Instructional Design / e-Learning Meetup group?

Jun 21, 2017

Hello everyone!

This post isn't specifically for "better course building" though this seemed to be the best place.

This is meant for those in Chicago who are instructional designers / E-learning developers, etc.

The "Chicago Instructional Design, E-Learning and Training Meetup" was one of the best I know of in this city.. and yes, they have Storyline demonstration/discussion events, too!

As the industry is somewhat niche, it's always great to get out and meet others in the field, brainstorm ideas, talk about trends, etc.

The organizer of the Meetup, Carl Boyd, was great. Unfortunately he's moving from Chicago so I'm just sharing his request here: If there's anyone who would be interested in taking over and leading the Meetup group, that would be amazing. Get in touch with him!

Personally it'd be disappointing to see such a frequent, in-person meetup group in this city just dissolve, especially when we all know and see the benefits of a great, sharing community (like this Articulate community ; )

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