Citing Articulate and products in a blog post

What is the protocol when referring to Articulate and/or Articulate products when writing a blog post. Specifically, what is the criteria regarding the necessity (or not) of using the Registered or Trademark Symbols?

I've been to the Articulate Terms of Use page, so I know how they're listed there:

Articulate®, Articulate® Quizmaker, Articulate Engage®, Articulate® Online, Articulate® Presenter, Articulate Storyline®, Storyline®, Empowering Rapid E-Learning™, and Empowering E-Learning™

But I've referenced Articulate in my blog, for example here, and I wonder whether I should be including the symbols. Also, am I violating and protocol by saying "Articulate's Studio Suite" rather than Articulate® Studio Suite (I know for example that Microsoft doesn't want references to look like the former).

Any guidance is appreciated.

Oh, and by the way, why in the info provided by Articulate above is the register symbol sometimes after the product, as with Engage  and Storyline, but mostly after the word Articulate?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Becky, and thanks for your thoughtfulness in asking! When you blog about Articulate products, a great rule of thumb is to properly trademark the first mention of each product to which you refer in the post. And you make a good point about the name of the suite... we prefer Articulate® Rapid E-Learning Studio. Hope that helps!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Bruce and Jeanette, thank you SO very much for your responses. I'm headed over to my blog posting in a bit (just got back from being away 5 wks helping out with my new can imagine what's been waiting here at home for me!).

I'll keep Lucy Soros in my back pocket (well, not literally) for now.

I see that the link to my blog page didn't "take" in my post above. Must've been a finger check (e.g., user error ).

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

It really gets dicey trying to get it all right. I've updated my blog About Me page to reflect the changes I've made after getting feedback from Jeanette and scouring the LinkedIn and Twitter sites. I can't find any reference to Twitter using any registered or trademark symbols. If anyone knows differently, I'm all ears!

Also, Jeanette and everyone, if you see any errors on my page, please advise.The wording around the applications is a little clumsier than I like, but it's because of wanting to adhere to all the symbols with proper wording (e.g., no apostrophes typically around registered names).

BTW, I always capitalize the word Learner in my documentation, so I did it here. What do you think? And should I also capitalize Adult? (Now I'm asking you to proofread! oot-oh)