Client comments that drive you BANANA SANDWICH!

Mar 14, 2013

What comments from clients drive you (in the words of Dane Cook) banana sandwich?

Ok, I'll start. As a freelancer, occasionally I'm asked to work for below my usual rate, because, and here is the comment "While you may not be making what you usually make for this project, Daniel, we'll make up for it in future projects." (wink, wink, smiley smile)

Comments that drive you banana sandwich?

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Jerson  Campos

Hey Dan,  I feel your pain,  I don't know how many projects I've passed on because they have said the same thing.  But the thing that drives me crazy is the very subjective adjustments like " can you move the text just a smidge bigger" ,  " Can you make this POP more", " Can you make this more blue?" ( When it's already blue).

Tony Jones
Clare Futcher


For me I am an employee of the NHS and what drives me 'banana sandwich' mad (and we are a mental health trust lol!) is the fact that everything has to be done yesterday but when you get it done no one signs them off!!!  I keep having to e-mail the subject specialist to get them to check the work - absolute nightmare!  Grrrr

Having worked on several projects for the NHS, I can echo this frustration!

"We need this next week!". Bust a gut to finish the project, send it to the client, then hear nothing for a month...

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