Client updating their own content w/o training dept.

Oct 05, 2011

Hello eLearning community,

Here is my situation: client wants us to develop an eLearning course which has a question pool  in Captivate 5.5.  They also want us to set up and configure the LMS (moodle). Easy peasy. HOWEVER - afterwards, they want to be able to update the question pool once a year by themselves, and republish to the LMS - without having a designated "elearning" or "training" person on their end.

These are the 2 options I plan on presenting:

1) We develop the course, publish, set up and configure LMS, upload the courses >> once a year (for a fee of course) we update the question pool and republish to LMS.

2) We develop the course, publish, upload to LMS blabla. Then, they buy Adobe Captivate and we do a knowledge transfer/ train someone on their end on how to use Captivate, publish and upload to LMS, so they can do it themselves once a year.

Feedback? Does anyone else have any potential solutions I can offer? (Keep in mind we need to use Captivate and Moodle)



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Brian Houle

Hi, Nicole:

I would say option 1 would be the best bet for everyone: they get their quiz updated, and you do not end up with a headache that might force you to work for free.  I'm all for knowledge transfer, but using an application like Captivate is like playing tennis: if you only do it once a year, you're not going to be very good at it.  I think option 2 means you'll be getting calls from a frustrated client once a year.

I would get to the bottom of why exactly the client wants to do this themselves.  Is it cost? Convenience? Finding that out might yield other options.


Nicole Legault

Thanks for your reply Brian.

They want to update the course for themselves due to cost/not wanting to rely on another company for maintenance and updates. Another thing that might be influencing this is that we are currently developing a CMS (content management system) website for the same company using Drupal. I think the client is under the impression that since they can update their own website, shouldn't they be able to update their own eLearning?

I think it's the usual case of client needing education on how things are done.

People have very little knowledge of how eLearning works if they've never been exposed to it.

Phil Mayor

I think this is something the we will need to get used to, with products like Studio and Storyline maturing into easy to use powerful tools, elearning is no longer rocket science.  Organisations will want to produce and update their own content and this is becoming easier by the day.

I am not saying there is not a need for instructional designers, but as the i ndustry is changing, already companies like Kineo produce templates for Health and Safety courses, that can be rebadged very quickly.

Amir Elion


There might be an option 3 you might want to consider.

Moodle has a built in quiz engine with a way to manage a question bank, and allowing to easily edit or add question to categories, quizzes. User interface is pretty friendly, and no technical knowledge is required. It allows for automated grading, feedback, etc.

It is less visually appealing than Captivate but is quite powerful and flexible with many options.

Data and grades are stored within the Moodle LMS and not in SCORM format.

You would have to seperate the quiz part from the e-learning course for that option.

This might be the right solution for your client.

See here for more data regarding Moodle quiz:

I will gladly answer more question regrading Moodle.



Joe Fournier

And if all they're doing is questions, let's not ignore the obvious: Articulate Quizmaker is powerful, has an easy-to-master interface, and plenty of tutorials available if they forget what they're doing.

While I like a variety of tools for a variety of jobs, Captivate for quizzes alone seems to me sort of like using a sledgehammer as the only hammer to build a house. It could be done, but not easily. And FWIW, I have manually someone converting 180 quizzes right now. I really looked at my options and wound up choosing Articulate Quizmaker.

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