Clinical Trial Modules

Aug 01, 2016

Hi all,

I'm working on some modules that outline clinical trial details.    I'm looking to come up with ideas to make the content interactive. The module basically provides you with info about a clinical trial study - i.e. this will be made up of x assessments, it will include y and will take z long. Also topics such as inclusion / exclusion criteria which contain very long lists.

This may be difficult to add assessments throughout as the data provided would be difficult to know beforehand anyway.

Any ideas / suggestions on how to approach this type of module?


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Phil Mayor

Hi Andy is this on a specific clinical trial or is it a generic module for all clinical trials?

I used to work as a research Nurse so would look at building some sort of timeline based interaction perhaps aching it in the real world by incorporating a scenario as well.  Will clinical trials I often find it is good to show people in the process as ultimately they will be involved.

If it is specific trials perhaps the Inclusion/exclusion criteria could be a download, to speed up our processes we often created cheatsheets for each protocol.  

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