Closing Storyline with Print button

I have an online presentation, a video and a few questions that are part of an induction process. At the end we get participants to just print there results as proof. However the problem I'm having is that I need the print button to not only trigger the print screen(which it is doing fine) but to close the story or let me advance to a closing page or even back to the start. This is to prevent the next person just adding their name and printing the previous results as well. Is this possible. 

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Adam Hoe

Hey Mark,

Quick thought on this. What if you had the participant, enter their name on the first slide. Store it as a variable, then on the last slide display the name on the certificate? Would something like this work? and if so, I could try to help walk you through the process, if needed.

Let me know what you think.


All good mate, the problem was closing the results slide when the print
button was selected.

Once I just added a button with java script to print, plus a trigger to
go to the next slide it works fine.

Yes I will get the participant to type there name at the start and get
that to come up on the results slide, have got that sorted.

Thanks for you assistance