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Jan 09, 2017


In one of our recent requirements, we provided an option for learner feedback on each screen including the "result slide".

However, our client wants us to provide a collated feedback at the end of module, where in the learner is provided with a  feedback for each topic. 

This means the learner is able to connect each piece of feedback with the related section/topic of the course.


Looking forward to hear from you.




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Zeeee Veee

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for the reply. Here's what the client said:

Now if you click on the feedback icon, it generates an e-mail to you.
However, it doesn’t appear to show where that piece of feedback is coming
from. Is there a way that all feedback for a course can be captured in one
spot and then accessed as a group in a way that allows you to know which
part of the course each piece of feedback addresses?

I hope now you can get more clarity of what exactly I want to say.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Tammy Wise

Yay!  I finally got the file.  Now let's see if I understand the issue.  

From looking at what you currently have set up and what you are trying to do, I think you will need a separate feedback slide for each scene.  That would be a lot of feedback slides though so you may want to limit the user to only give feedback at the end of each scene.  

The way it is currently set up, your variable will reset every time the user goes back to that screen or will keep adding to itself.  So if you set up a separate feedback slide for each scene you can then have a different variable for each one.  You then would have a consolidated feedback slide that would gather all of your variables and email them all at once through the JavaScript trigger.  

Now, if your client requires that the feedback button be on every slide, and they are okay with getting an email every time the user submits feedback, then you could have a text variable on each slide for the slide number or some other identifying feature.  Add a trigger that sends this variable to the feedback slide to be submitted in the email when the user clicks the feedback button.  

I'm not sure all of this makes sense but let me know if you have questions or further clarification of the client needs.

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