Community Forum Search Broken?


I made my way over here today to see if I could find a quick answer to adding play time to the player bar for my Storyline Project, but I found that get any results from the search bar. I have tried searching for a bunch of different terms with no luck. Finally I searched for the word "size" which I can see is included in many posts and still did not retrive any posts. Is there something I am missing or is search broken?


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Michael Jones

Hi Amy,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! To answer your question, yes the current search in the forum is non-functioning, but I believe they are working on launching a whole new version of the forum that fixes this issue.

For now, the official verdict is that the site search function does not work, and we are to use Google when searching the E-Learning Heroes website (including all parts). Here's one of the original posts...

Forum search not working post

Basically, if you conduct a search in Google with the terms "Articulate ELearning Heroes [enter the topic you're looking for here]" you'll be able to search the forums here. A little inconvenient, but reliable.

Hope that helps!