Companies that Use Storyline's Software Simulation Feature for Customer Education

Aug 20, 2019

I am trying to locate some examples of companies that use the software simulation feature of Articulate Storyline for customer education of their products (especially software). I am encouraging a company to consider doing this as a way for a customer to experience their software without needing to download the software, but they asked for some company examples that are current. Does anyone know of a company that uses SL in that way? Many thanks.

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Nicole Legault

Hey there Robert!

Thanks for coming to the community with your questions. That sounds like a great idea that you've proposed to your client! Here's some resources I've created and would like to share with you.

You can find a bunch of articles and tips about creating software sims with Storyline 360 here:

And here you can find a few examples of software sim examples I've created:

Hope these resources help you out. Let us know if you have further questions! :) 

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