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I’m relatively new to articulate storyline 2 so apologies if this seems like a silly question.

I’ve developed a simple module / template using articulate storyline 2.

When publishing the file, there are 4 output options that are presumably used for the purposes tracking and reporting via an LMS.

Completed / Incomplete

Passed / Failed

Passed / Incomplete

Completed / Failed

I have published my file using each of these options and tested each one in Scorm Cloud.

My issue is this.

Regardless of which option I use, Scorm Cloud returns a status of complete when a user closes the module using the Exit Course button (s) or by closing the browser.

For a user that has gone through each page, I expect status of complete.

For a user that closes the module before they have gone through each page, I expect a status of incomplete.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Heather Willis

I output to SCORM 2004 and performed the following actions:

1) Completed the course and exited - course showed complete

2) Exited the course by exiting the browser before completion - course showed as incomplete/failed

3) Exited the course using the exit button before completion - course showed as incomplete/failed

Is there any reason you cannot use SCORM 2004 instead of 2.1? It appears to work under that setting.