Mar 28, 2018


My company decided to introduce LMS as our portfolio is ever increasing and our sales people are globaly located and it is more and more difficult to get them in our HQ for training. So my task is to draw a concept for this LMS. Does anyone has thoughts, ideas what should be included in such a concept or how such a concept looks like?


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Dave Goodman

Laszlo - attached is a long list of services that may help you think through what your new LMS will need. Think of this as a critical thinking guide during your decision making. This is for a company's internal use and is not intended to be given to an LMS vendor - it is much too tedious for a vendor's response.

You must determine a few things first: do I have the executive's support; is this a project that must be managed by your IT department; do you have a specific budget now and an approved timeline; can you describe the top five things your executives what you to achieve? Good luck.

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