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May 24, 2019

Hello all,

I have a course which will be created in English and Spanish formats. I will add two radio button in the first slide one for English and one for Spanish. I am wondering if it is possible to customize menu items based on the users' selection. I mean when users select English I want the menu to appear in English while appearing in Spanish when Spanish is selected.

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Kay Hunt


My approach to this would be to create two slides, one with your menu in English and one with the menu in Spanish. You could then direct the learner towards one or the other based on their selection on your first slide (with the radio buttons). 

If you are talking about changing the language of the Player menu items based on user selection - I'm unsure how to do this, but I would love to know how if anyone has suggestions!

Best of luck!

Adam Zamczyk

Hi Remzi,

You can create a course in English, then use the function to create the same course in Spanish (all popups, buttons, notifications will be Spanish).

Export 2 course as 2 separate scorm packages. Then you can wrap them up into 1 scorm package with an HTML page at the beginning and LMS manifests, with the language selector or anything you want. 

The selectors will open the selected course and give the learner a good experience in their language. And the best thing is that the LMS will get the score at the end of any course/language the user finishes.  


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