Conditions resetting when user clicks "No" on the "Resume" dialog box

I've built some modules that have triggers and conditions controlling the appearance of the Next buttons. This is the set-up in a nutshell example:

  • One trigger hides the Next button at the beginning of the slide, provided variable NextButton1 is set to "false"
  • One trigger reveals the Next button at the end of the slide
  • One trigger changes the variable NextButton1 to "true" at the end of the slide

Using this strategy, the Next button is hidden only the first time the user views the slide, and it's visible immediately if they visit the slide again.

This has worked without a hitch, but there's an extra piece we're tackling now. When users close the modules in progress and access them again, they're given the standard "Would you like to resume where you left off?" Here's the problem: If they choose "No," the variables reset and they are locked into the content as if they're taking it for the first time.

Is there a setting or automated fix in Storyline 2 that will prevent the triggers from resetting the variables? If not, has anyone had experience with this and found a workaround?


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