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Tom Kuhlmann

I think for e-learning, Devlearn is the best. ATD ICE is a good conference, but it's really big and broad in scope going outside of e-learning. So if you like general training and HR topics, it's a good one.

BTW, we're looking at doing a couple of roadshows in Australia in September. I think they'll be in Sydney and Brisbane since we were in Melbourne last time. 

Tom Kuhlmann

@Stephanie: looks like we're going to do two trips: Sydney/New Zealand and then Brisbane/Melbourne. We'll announce them both at the same time so people can figure out which works best for them.

Re; meetups...we try to get people connected during the workshops, but that's always hit or miss. Some groups take off and some kind of wither away.

Connect with the folks at BOnline. They do some online meetups.

David Goodman

Owen - your knowledge and specific technical expertise would be a great asset. Maybe it's time to create "Articulate Unconferences" for those areas that would never have access to Tom K and the Roadshow. Each local unconference would be hosted by a qualified Articulate User Group and the sessions would be presented by surrounding Articulate heroes or deep seeded and knowledgeable people from this Forum. That local unconference could tap into the surrounding community of SL designers and developers, corporate trainers,  and independents, etc. Maybe you could select which unconference wanted you and let them cover your expenses plus a fair stipend. It might not be in Melbourne but Honolulu, Seattle, St Louis, etc. Thanks again for all of your rock solid advice here online.