Convert E-learning to Video... possible?

Hi Heroes,

My weird request for the week came in today and I decided to reach out to you all...

For a variety of reasons, a client cannot access our e-learning modules. They do however have the ability to distribute video via an in-house system. They've asked if our modules can be converted to video for distribution.

Aside from all the obvious reasons why this is a bad idea (interactivity goes away, people read at their own pace, poor retention, etc, etc). How might you accomplish this in short order and what issues can you anticipate?

All we can come up with is a screencast of someone clicking through the course.



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Mike Taylor

I've repurposed Articulate courses before when the audience didn't have any access to computers and needed to play them on a TV/DVD setup.  Obviously this eliminates most interactivity but it does the trick for what we needed. You could also do a paper based assessment if you needed one for compliance, etc.

For this I used Windows Move Maker (which is free) to produce the video by combining screenshots with the narration files. It is relatively quick and easy. Camtasia works very much the same way too if you prefer to use that.

Here are my steps:

  1. Use SnagIt or your favorite screen capture tool to grab the screenshots from your course. The auto-naming feature is great for this and makes this process go very quickly.
  2. Import these images along with your existing audio/narration files into Movie Maker.
  3. Add the images to the time line in sequential order
  4. Add & sync the audio files with the images.
  5. Publish it to whatever video format you need.
  6. (Optional) Author your video on to DVDs and distribute them.

I have a few more how tos including some more details about the DVD part here: