Converting classroom teaching to e-learning

I have taken a new job at an organization that has no cohesive approach to e-learning and have been asked to deliver a presentation on converting classroom teaching to e-learning. So I am putting out a request to keep me from having to re-invent a wheel. Does anyone know of a good base presentation available online that I could use & reference to form the foundation of what I would do? I could easily put one together, but if a good one already exists, I would love it if someone could point me there.

Thanks all!

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Bruce Graham

Ooooh - I could talk about this for hours!  

1> "Conversion" suggests - "re-use" (to some people anyway). What you end up with will probably look nothing like the original.

2> Have you "trapped" the non-documented, "conversational" elements of the classroom course? These will often for the really interesting bits of an online course, (the "war stories", the examples, the "extra information" etc.)

3> What is their REASON for wanting to do this? It is usually (at the moment...), because they are experiencing a reduction is revenue, or want/(need?) to get numbers up. If so - is there an easier way to do it, rather than converting? Perhaps find another market/product?

4> You will need to (critically) assess whether the existing courses are any good.

5> Will the courses actually work as online courses? In many cases they will not.

There's some things to get you started, hopefully useful and useable.