Converting Powerpoint for Mac or Keynote files to Scorm

Nov 17, 2017

Hi there

I am trying to work out how to convert some very basic powerpoint (for Mac) files into Scorm in order to have them play on our LMS. 

But, there doesn't seem to be much information available for Mac users on how to do this.

We have Storyline, but we like the 'one-click publish' feature that is available to PC users in things like iSpring, as it just makes things quicker.

Any advice is very much appreciated.




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Joshua Dunbar

Hi Phil,

At this time you'd need to move the PowerPoint presentation to a Windows computer to gain this option with the 360 suite. Storyline & Presenter are Windows-only software. As Rise doesn't support importing Powerpoint files. 

A .ppt and .pptx files generated can be used on any OS regardless of it being from MacOS PowerPoint or Windows PowerPoint. Then you can either import directly into Storyline or use Presenter. You will need to have a downloaded version of PowerPoint 2010+ to be able to convert. 

Just in case you didn't have it handy the following guides are available: 

Getting Started with Presenter 360

Storyline 360 and Storyline 3: Importing PowerPoint Slides

NOTE: Apple Keynote files would need to be converted to .PPT or PPTX and then opened in Windows PowerPoint 2010+ and then could be imported into Storyline 360. 

On my own Mac, I'm using Boot Camp to dual boot into Windows 10 though there are also emulators such as VMWare or Parallels that work as well! 

I hope that helps. 


Ray Cole

The problem as I understand it is that the Apple OS does not allow the plug-in architecture that products such as iSpring, Articulate Presenter, and others need in order to run as plug-ins to PowerPoint. Hence, there are no such PowerPoint plug-in programs for Macs.

On the other hand, you mention that you have Storyline, which also runs only on Windows, so that means you must have access to Windows. Why not run iSpring, Articulate Presenter, or whatever PowerPoint plug-in tool you like best in the same Windows installation where you currently run Storyline? You will need a Windows version of PowerPoint, though, if you don't already have one.



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