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Hi Jacq - Yes, it's free to use anyway you like other than to resell or distribute on your own site. Here's a link to Articulate's terms page: https://articulate.com/terms#user-content 

I have that one bookmarked because many of my templates are hosted in ELH and users frequently ask me about Articulate's policy.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, all:

These are Randy Borum's stick figures that he shared seven years ago here. He shared them, so I'd assume they are ok to use but contacting him and/or citing your source is never a bad idea. Here a post with more info on Randy and his figures.


Sarah Hodge

Hi Elena! As Montse mentioned, you're welcome to use/modify them in your courses as needed. The only restriction would be on downloading them and trying to sell somewhere else as a standalone item. Also, there are no attribution requirements, but it's always nice to show a little link love to the original author. 🙂