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Feb 05, 2018

Hello the community,

We are considering to use the "Back To The Future" codes for a elearning course developed for external learner - customers of one of our clients. What I mean by codes is that the narrator will be Doc Brown, they'll use the DeLorean as a time machine...

But we are concerned by the (c) protection. Does anybody have recommendation on how to deal with this (organization to contact...)?



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Phil Mayor

Fair use might allow you to do it! But you may have issues. Also depends on what country you are in.

You are probably best contacting the copyright holder.  They may not agree with the context it is being used or want to protect their copyright. It may be easier to Parody it with different names and similar imagery.

Phil Mayor

Although not a reference this is at least written by someone with a legal standing

It does mention parody, not sure it helps here, looks like what you are talking is the 'heart' of the work.

Perhaps combine with other popular fiction (Dr Who, Bill and Teds) and create your own characters.



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